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Poster: TOOTMO Date: Aug 16, 2011 5:58am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Comparing GD and Phish (Without Shooting Phish in a Barrel)?

"Gotta say the folks on this forum who are Phish fans sure do a better job at differentiating/explaining what grabs its fans than the standard "dude, they're awesome"

I think the dude-they're-awesome fan is the one that is attracted to the marketing aspect, vis-a-vis, "phree phish show", "phish phood", etc. And, try and read a Phish show review: as any good subgroup knows, you got to have your own language—"can you dig it, man?" Phish Phans (and I think that was a brilliant idea to go with "Phans" instead of "PhishHeads") have more acronyms than the Government.

I think a lot of kids took up Phish as their generation's "last great adventure" same as the Dead's appeal before them as being an alternative to running away and joining the circus. If it's the early 90's and I am 20 and I have read the Beats, the Psychedelia, and I have made it through Reaganomics, where am I going to go to find like-minded people, the counterculture of the day? Well, everybody can't move to the Pacific Northwest. But, I know if I go to a Phish show in Nashville, ATL, Memphis, etc., I will meet like-minded people who are a lot different than the general populace. I will certainly meet people willing to trip and roll. And then, I will go back to my small college and spread the word about good drugs, horny chicks, and a drummer who wears a sack dress. I'll probably bring some discs that I scored for a tab and be the cool kid with the latest tunes.

I also think Phish did an outstanding job of putting together the corporate side of it. They seemed to be the first to really tap into using "them internet webs" computers, with listservs, downloadable concerts, etc. If you go to Phish.Net, you can download thousands of shows. You can find mind-boggling stats. The Phish enterprise is computerized while the Dead are still using rubberbands around index cards.

And, I think there are Phish Phans like adks who can appreciate Phish's musicality. The fact that they are accomplished musicians lends credence to being a Phan. I can't imagine that they would have been able to "stay cool" all these years if they did not have the musicianship to back up their antics.

Music-wise for me: meh. I tend to like their covers better than their original songs. My favorite is a Halloween show where they cover "Quadrophenia": very nice.


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Poster: clementinescaboose Date: Aug 16, 2011 6:50pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Comparing GD and Phish (Without Shooting Phish in a Barrel)?

Another reason I feel like Phish is more accessible to today's youth culture are the availability of these shows (like you said, band taking full advantage of the internet age) and the modern recording technology used to tape them. Most of my Phish tapes completely blow away any sound on almost any GD recording (except maybe certain vault releases) - even their audience recordings! One thing that always bothered me about GD (not their fault of course, but he limitations of the time period) is practically all my favorite shows have the absolutely worst sound quality - so a lot of times when I put on a really HOT tape from like '68-69 for my buddies, it ends up getting completely ignored...cause you can't even hear it!

If people could get past the 'sound' of a lot of GD tapes I think they'd garner more respect from the Phish Phan Umfreek groups.